No Deposit Bonus - Welcome Bonus Robo Forex

  • Link: $15 no-deposit bonus from RoboForex
  • Dates: all year 2011
  • Bonus: free $15 - no deposit required
  • How to get: Apply for a welcome account with RoboForex
  • The RoboForex is glad to present «Welcome bonus», a new no deposit bonus service which can be of a great help to beginner traders, and a good opportunity to try trading using real forex accounts at RoboForex!
    View instructions how to get «Welcome bonus».
    We’d like to pay your attention to the fact that our Technical Support Service gives no answers to the questions on No Deposit Bonus, as the system operates automatically. If you have any question, please, visit «Welcome bonus» FAQ.

    Conditions of no deposit bonus «Welcome bonus 2.0» service are the following

  • «Welcome bonus 2.0» is $15 (1500 cents transferred to your account). It’s available for verified clients using Fix-Cent & Pro-Cent usd cent accounts only.

    Please note that «Welcome bonus 2.0» service is available for new clients only!

  • There are some trading restrictions for accounts with «Welcome bonus»: - an order is 0.1 lot; - maximum number of open orders is 10; - only metals and currency pairs are available for trading. In case of cancel bonus client must pay commission $15 and restrictions are not removed! These restrictions will be removed as soon as the equity on the bonus account exceeds $100 (10000 cents) due to profit earned or client’s depositing the account with his/her own funds. After the equity exceeds $100, the account will become a real one and all restrictions will be removed in the following order: - automatically within an hour, if there are no open orders; - automatically within a day, if there are open orders.  
  • A client can withdraw bonus from the account, if the total amount of the lots on his/her account is: - 500 microlots (5 standard lots) for Fix-Cent accounts; - 750 microlots (7.5 standard lots) for Pro-Cent accounts.  
  • One is allowed to withdraw profit from the bonus accounts taking into consideration onetime commission of $15 during the first withdrawal. HOWEVER, after the bonus account becomes a real one (art. 2), no onetime commission will be charged.  
  • You must use the same account details for payments each time you withdraw profit from your bonus account. In case these very account details for payments are used to withdraw profit from other bonus accounts, the company reserves the right to write the bonus off the accounts, as well as the profit gained when trading using these bonus accounts.  
  • Partners DO NOT receive commission for transactions on bonus accounts. HOWEVER, after the bonus account becomes a real one (art. 2), partners will receive commission for orders according to the normal procedure.

How to get no deposit «Welcome bonus»

  1. «Welcome bonus» is credited only once for each client when (s)he opens a new trading account.
  2. In order to avoid any type of fraud involving no deposit bonus, the system that checks and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts is operating automatically.
  3. RoboForex reserves the right to cancel «Welcome bonus» without any explanation.

Conditions of operating no deposit bonus accounts:

  1. Bonus can be withdrawn if the requirements of the bonus program are fulfilled.  
  2. Up to the moment the requirements of the bonus program are fulfilled, only profit can be withdrawn, taking into consideration onetime commission during the first withdrawal. Example: You got 1500 cents as a bonus. If your profit after trading is 2500 cents, then, according to our conditions, you can withdraw 1000 cents, i.e. minus onetime commission of 1500 cents during the first withdrawal (next time you withdraw your profit no commission will be charged).  
  3. A client can deposit bonus account with his/her own funds (in order to meet the requirements more quickly). In case of negative balance on the account, our policy is that a client loses his/her own funds in the first place. Example: You got 1500 cents as a bonus and deposited your account with your own 1000 cents. If your profit after trading is -500 cents, then, according to our conditions, you can withdraw 500 cents, i.e. your own funds minus profit.  
  4. Only closed deals on the following currency pairs are taken into account for fulfillment of the requirements on transactions:  
    List of currency pairs for fulfillment of the requirements on transactions:
  5. RoboForex reserves the right to cancel bonuses from the accounts without giving any reasons and/or advance notice.

How «Welcome bonus» is deposited to your account

  1. When registering a new account you need to choose USD currency, Pro-Cent or Fix-Cent account, select “Get Welcome Bonus 2.0?”, and agree to terms and conditions of the bonus program by selecting “I agree to terms and conditions of the Bonus Program”.  
    Please, note, the automatic system, which checks the recurrent bonus transfer and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts, may deny Your attempt to register a new bonus account. In this case, You won’t be able to receive bonus from RoboForex.
  2. After registering a new account you need to pass the verification in your Live Account.  
  3. After the account is registered, you need to download MetaTrader 4 the trading terminal of the RoboForex and login entering the information sent to your email.  
  4. After a successful authorization in the RoboForex MetaTrader4 client terminal, you need to customize it. Make sure that Your terminal allows You to use Expert Advisors (EA) as shown on the figure below:
    MetaTrader4 terminal menu: "Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors" MetaTrader4 RoboForex settings EA for verify_client
  5. After installation options for Expert Advisers (EA), you need to double-click on «verify_client» to start the script (“Navigator -> Scripts” section of the trading terminal).  
    How welcome bonus is deposited - step 3
  6. After the «verify_client» script is started, you will be notified that «Welcome bonus» has been successfully credited to your account.  
    How welcome bonus is deposited - step 4
    Please, note, if the «verify_client» script doesn’t start, it means that You don’t have access rights to the folder where the RoboForex MetaTrader4 client terminal has been installed to, "C:Program FilesMetaTrader4 - RoboForex". You need to the gain access rights or run Your personal computer as an Administrator to start the «verify_client» script.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011



I'm happy, it turns out forex traders around the archipelago are more and more. I realize this, if on facebook Wouw .. rame various groups a collection of forex. Fun tuh, the master and a newbie to get together in forums forex on facebook.

Halah, their names tuh, if on facebook from the cute to cool, there is guaranteed deh. > Look, there are Hunters Dollar, dollar bags, Len Ngunduh Dollar, Forex is also there to boil. There are still many deh, you add it all wkwkwkkwkwa. Even the newbie trader also went along as Jonathan Tukinem wkwwkkwkwkwa ... (Ampuuun Mbah!), Ibun Cha'yank Forex (too keren tuh ...), even to the most saucy name was also there. Who is he? Ninja Trader huahahahhahaha (narcissistic really well, it was ....) sekarepku Uh, too many women traders know?! There Purnamasari Rini, Vie-fx, Yudhia, Sprott and more, pokokmen, forex traders beautiful girl deh. If a man does, just Ninja Trader ... (which jelex ... wkwkwkwkkwkwkwka)

Well, you who want to learn the easy way through facebook, add aja aja try one of them, surely you will get a lot of friends into groups of traders and the bejibun amount. Many of the benefits you'll achieve koq, you can here for free forex consultation. The master who likes to hang out here too formidable. Second to none ... So as a newbie I often listen to the chat masters are in a group: Tradersmark Discussion and KFC (Kenopan Forex Centre). There is a science, there are jokes, there are also bullies .... hahahahhaha Complete!

In my opinion, learn forex on Facebook is, first, can become more interactive learning with the implementation of an interactive dialogue and psychological principles are acceptable in terms of participation of traders, feedback, and reinforcement also okay you know. Second, the long time required learning forex can be shortened to deliver messages and content of the material in sufficient quantity many, varied and likely to be absorbed by the newbie, it was shown pictures and other media by the master. Third, the quality of learning outcomes can be improved. Fourth, the lesson can be given whenever desired. Lha, from dawn to dawn again, forex traders are always together never die, if tepar, yes wkwkwkwkwkwa .... Fifth, a positive attitude towards the newbie what they learn and the learning process can be improved, since their days trading was accompanied by their masters. Sixth, the role of master, they also can actualize their knowledge and sharing in teaching and learning is fun and interesting. Clearly, here we can learn together, assemble and develop yourself towards the unlimited profit from day to day.

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